"The Athlete's Corner" is a website where I share my experience as a competitive gymnast of ten years, all the lessons I've learned along the way, and how I was able to make the difficult transition from life as an athlete to life in the real world. In addition to sharing my story, I also aim to give members of the athletic community, be it athletes, coaches, and parents of athletes, the opportunity to share their own experiences.

I was inspired to create this site because I know firsthand how difficult life as a competitive athlete can be. Irreversible injuries, physical and mental abuse, body image issues, constant pressure to perform to perfection-- these are all hardships that athletes face. I want to give athletes a support system that I wish I had when I was still in the competitive circuit.

We as a community need to take better care of our athletes. Because at the end of the day, it's not just about the number of medals, ribbons, or trophies they bring home. It's not just about creating physical powerhouses that don't feel emotion and don't cave in to weakness. Athletes, like all of us, are human.

It is my hope that, in hearing the stories of athletes, parents of athletes, and coaches from all sports’ disciplines, we can make the culture of competitive sports a healthier one, where the path to becoming a champion need not come at the cost of happiness and well-being.