About Me

Hello, everyone! My name is Belicia, and I want to welcome you to my website, “The Athlete’s Corner”.

I was a competitive artistic gymnast from age five to ten, after which I switched to competitive rhythmic gymnastics. During my time as a gymnast, I faced physical and mental abuse at the hands of my coaches, and struggled with body image issues, performance anxiety, and crippling perfectionism. As much as it pained me to continue gymnastics, nothing could prepare me for the physical, emotional, and psychological pain I felt at age 15, when a career-ending knee injury took me out of my sport.

Regionals 2012— Ribbon routine

The transition to life after gymnastics was incredibly difficult. I didn’t know who I was or what I was worth, without gymnastics. For ten years, the sport was my livelihood, my passion, my identity. I never thought I’d find happiness again, after gymnastics.

It’s been six years since the injury, which has left me ample time to reflect on my life as a former athlete. During this time, I’ve also rebuilt my identity, discovered new passions, and, miraculously, found new meaning in life after sports. I have found joy in competitive ballroom dancing, figure skating, and writing.

Competing at Embassy Ball again, this time in 2017! First place in my category!

I am currently a third-year university student at UCLA and will be graduating this June with a BA in Psychology. My ultimate goal is to become a sports and performance psychologist, whilst continuing my passions for writing, competitive dancing, and figure skating. I also hope to remain an active member of the rhythmic gymnastics community through coaching, choreographing routines, and judging competitions!

At the UC Santa Barbara Beach Ball collegiate ballroom dance competition, during my sophomore year of college!

As a former athlete who’s been through it all, I feel indebted to help the next generation of young athletes in ANY sports’ discipline and support them as best I can on their challenging journeys in the world of competitive sports, but more importantly, in their transition to a life beyond athletics.

On this website, I will share stories of my experience as a gymnast, as well as my transition to life beyond gymnastics. I will also address the sensitive topic of mental health in the world of athletics. Finally, I aim to share the stories of athletes, coaches, and parents alike, and their individual experiences with life in sports.

So, without further ado, welcome to “The Athlete’s Corner”.